What is black mould?

Black mould starts with a spore, but can soon spread into a large outbreak. Spores will lay dormant and harmless for many years, but in the right conditions can grow and germinate.

Black mould typically takes the form of black specks and splotches on walls, ceilings, window sills, and anywhere that moisture could build up. A musty smell will also develop, although this can also be associated with other forms of damp.

Black mould differs from other household mould mainly in colour – it is usually darker than most other types of mould. Black mould is also fuzzy in appearance, while mildew, for example, is flat.

What causes black mould in a house?

Black mould is often the result of condensation. Humidity in the air can occur from daily tasks, such as showering and cooking. This is why black mould is often found in kitchens and bathrooms. Making sure you’re circulating air in your house can help prevent this from developing.

There can also be other causes of damp in the home that are down to structural issues. For example, faulty guttering can lead to water penetrating the exterior walls, while excess groundwater can lead to damp rising through masonry. In both cases the structural issues will need to be addressed as well as the interior mould issues.

How do I get rid of black mould

Prevention is often the best course of action. As we mentioned above, ensuring rooms where condensation mostly forms, or where the black mould is, are well circulated can help prevent or reduce development. Ensure window vents are open, wall vents are clear and extractor fans are used.

The next step would be to get an effective black mould treatment.

Best black mould treatments

We’ve been developing mould treatments since 1966 and developed effective black mould treatments for users to ‘do it themselves’ and also for trade with more industrial products.

Always try and resolve the root of the condensation problem and then ensure your property is well insulated to prevent further black mould growth.

We have Compact Dehumidifiers, Comfort Thermometers and wall and ceiling insulation to ensure your house feels like a home without black mould.

Risks with black mould

As seen in the News, black mould can cause breathing issues and can result in devasting consequences. Speak to housing associations, or your landlord or order our Mould Eradication Kits that are quick and easy to install, shown here.

Our Sempatap Thermal is easy to install, can be decorated, makes rooms warmer immediately, eliminates mould problems and most importantly, stop mould related health risk.

Need black mould advice?

We can offer black mould advice and recommend the best black mould products. Landlords can see our Help Reduce Mould package for their tenants and our Internal Mould Treatments can be bought online.