Q       If I wallpaper can I redecorate?

A        Yes, no problem. SEMPATAP THERMAL has a fibreglass surface and will not be affected by using a steam stripper or hot soapy water. Should you accidentally damage SEMPATAP THERMAL with a wallpaper scraper, make good with polyfiller or plasterer’s mate.


Q       What if I cannot put the Sempatap up myself?

A        SEMPATAP THERMAL is very easy to apply therefore a local painting and decorating company would be more than able to install it.


Q       How long will it last?

A        As long, if not longer, than plasterboard. As an energy saving product with a carbon score SEMPATAP THERMAL has been given a life expectancy of 30 years.


Q       Will it stop condensation?

A        SEMPATAP THERMAL is excellent for these problems because it makes the wall surface warm and moisture will not condense on warm surfaces. If you have black mould on the walls you must treat it first with MGC MOULD ERADICATION KIT.


Q       Can I use SEMPATAP THERMAL on the ceiling?

A        Yes, SEMPATAP THERMAL can be put on both walls and ceilings. It is particularly good if you have a flat roof property, extension or concrete ceilings – or if you live in a property with Mansard roof or Dormer ceilings.


Q       Can I use SEMPATAP THERMAL on the floor?

A        There is a specially designed variety for floors called SEMPAFLOOR which is easy to fit and very good on all types of floors.


Q       Is SEMPATAP THERMAL good for noise reduction?

A        Yes, not only does it have outstanding thermal properties but it can be used for sound insulation.