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Sempatap Thermal is thermal insulation on a roll which is as simple and easy to apply as wallpaper and the benefits are remarkable. read more
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Sempatap Thermal is thermal insulation on a roll which is as simple and easy to apply as wallpaper and the benefits are remarkable. At only 10mm thick it hardly reduces your room size but substantially reduces heat loss making rooms immediately feel warmer, as well as lowering heating bills.

Sempatap Thermal is very easy to put up with hardly any mess and it can be decorated with virtually any finish – emulsion, wallpaper, even tiles. It can be installed on a DIY basis and there is an application DVD available for all homeowners.

Sempatap Thermal has been used in the UK and Europe for over 30 years, successfully installed in 1,000’s of flats and houses by Local Authorities, Housing Associations, private landlords and homeowners.

Sempatap Thermal has been tested by numerous organisations including the National Physical Laboratory whose results showed that it will reduce the ‘u’ value (coldness) of a wall by nearly 30%. The product is therefore excellent for energy efficiency. Figures provided by the Building Research Establishment show considerable carbon saving, in fact, on a three bedroom house the carbon savings are greater than that for cavity fill.

Our Sempatap Thermal thermal lining paper can be installed in virtually any type of house or flat. It is particularly beneficial in houses with solid walls, including solid brick, solid stone, concrete and houses with mansard roofs, dormer ceilings and park homes.

Sempatap Thermal not only has outstanding thermal performance but can also be used as acoustic insulation on walls and ceilings.

Sempatap Thermal is easy and quick to install and the economic solution for insulating your home to reduce heat loss and lower your heating bills.


Roll sizes – 12.5m x 1m and 5m x 1m
Sempatap Adhesive – 5 litre and 2.5 litre buckets
Sempatap Sealant – 310cc cartridge
Sempatap Edging Tape – 30m roll and 10m roll
Sempatap Channel– 1.25m lengths
Sempatap Spatula
Sempatap Adhesive Spreader


  Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Energy Saving Product

1. Mould growth on walls and ceilings must be treated first in accordance with MGC Specification.

2. Remove any wallpaper and prepare the walls and ceilings as though you were going to decorate. SEMPATAP THERMAL is normally only applied to the inside of the external wall. If the plaster on your wall is very old and porous, apply a coat of SEMPATAP ‘A’ PRIMER and allow to dry.

3. If your skirting is less than 10mm wide on the top edge you will need SEMPATAP SKIRTING CHANNEL which is a white plastic track and will give a neat finish to the bottom edge of SEMPATAP THERMAL.

4. Fix the channel on the wall above the skirting using No Nails adhesive after preparation is completed and before application of SEMPATAP ADHESIVE. Alternatively you can fix a 10mm wood bead along the top of the skirting and butt joint the SEMPATAP THERMAL to it.

5. Apply a liberal coat of SEMPATAP ADHESIVE to the wall using a notched SEMPATAP ADHESIVE SPREADER, notched trowel or medium pile roller. Only apply the adhesive to one drop length area at a time. For subsequent lengths apply the SEMPATAP ADHESIVE not only to the wall but also to the vertical edge of the previously hung length of SEMPATAP THERMAL.

6. SEMPATAP THERMAL is applied foam side to the wall. Cut SEMPATAP THERMAL to required length using wallpaper shears or large scissors allowing 25mm overlap at each end then roll up with foam side facing out.

7. Apply SEMPATAP THERMAL to wet adhesive on the top of the wall at the junction with the ceiling then roll out and smooth using the SEMPATAP SPATULA.

8. When SEMPATAP THERMAL is in the required position, apply firm pressure using the SEMPATAP SPATULA, smoothing out any air pockets.

9. Continue application of SEMPATAP THERMAL by applying subsequent lengths until the wall is covered but leaving a narrow gap of 1-2mm between each drop. For application to flat ceilings, dormers and mansard roofs, apply the SEMPATAP ADHESIVE to the ceiling surface, leave for 10-15 minutes to go tacky then apply SEMPATAP THERMAL as per instructions above. It is advised that application to ceilings, dormers etc. is a two man job.

10. Using a snap off knife or similar and the SEMPATAP SPATULA as a straight edge, cut off any excess at ceiling level and at the junction with the skirting. Plugs and switches – star cut SEMPATAP THERMAL and use longer screws to refit.

11. Ensure that SEMPATAP THERMAL is applied behind the radiator. If there is sufficient space between the radiator and the wall, apply SEMPATAP ADHESIVE to the wall using a long neck radiator roller. Insert the SEMPATAP THERMAL behind the radiator and smooth out using a clean long neck radiator roller. Alternatively, it may be necessary to drop the radiator to gain access to the wall to apply SEMPATAP THERMAL in the normal manner.

12. Gun the SEMPATAP SEALANT into all vertical joints between the SEMPATAP THERMAL drops. Also, use to achieve a neat finish at the junction with ceiling and skirting. Wipe off any excess. When dry, fill any sealant shrinkage with SEMPATAP FILLER to totally hide joins.

13. Use SEMPATAP EDGING TAPE to achieve a neat finish on all outward facing corners, window reveals, window heads etc. Cut SEMPATAP EDGING TAPE to required length, fold along the plastic crease line to form a right angle with the plastic facing inside.

14. Brush SEMPATAP ADHESIVE along the plastic and the paper and leave to soak for a couple of minutes. Locate over the corner of the SEMPATAP THERMAL and smooth out using a damp sponge or cloth. Remove excess adhesive and leave to dry. When dry use SEMPATAP FILLER to hide the edge.

15. SEMPATAP THERMAL can be decorated with virtually any finish – wallpaper, emulsion, even tiles. For a perfect finish when using emulsion, cross line with lining paper to totally hide the joints.

16. To hang wallcoverings (including lining papers and woodchip), seal the surface of the SEMPATAP THERMAL by applying a coat of PVA primer or SEMPATAP ‘A’ PRIMER and allow to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours in good drying conditions with adequate ventilation. Read fully and carefully follow the wallcovering manufacturers instructions. Use the recommended wallpaper paste/adhesive made up in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Application DVD available.


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