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SEMPAFLOOR is a unique insulating lining specifically designed for application to a wide range of floors. read more
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SEMPAFLOOR is a unique insulating lining specifically designed for application to a wide range of floors. SEMPAFLOOR can be used as either thermal insulation for cold surfaces or as acoustic insulation where impact noise is a problem. In both situations it is an excellent, easy to install, economical solution. For over 30 years SEMPAFLOOR has been specified and successfully used by Local Authorities, Housing Associations, County Authorities, commercial and industrial outlets throughout the UK and Europe. It can be used on a broad spectrum of buildings and structures including flats, houses, schools, village halls, private homes, hotels, offices, universities, hospitals etc.

SEMPAFLOOR is easy and quick to install and the benefits are immediate, making floors warmer. The floor surface needs minimal preparation and at only 4.5mm thick, in most circumstances it is not necessary to remove the skirting.

SEMPAFLOOR can be used on any type of floor and is ideal for use on “flying bedrooms”, rooms over garages or driveways and rooms over external passageways. It has substantial benefits on park home floors and rooms in older properties located over cellars/basements.


SEMPAFLOOR can be used on concrete floors, solid floors and is particularly useful where “cold bridging” is the cause of condensation and mould growth.

SEMPAFLOOR provides an excellent thermal barrier to prevent transmission of cold from outside. It will also reduce heat loss, providing substantial energy saving and reduction in heating bills. It overcomes the problem of foam backed carpets sweating up against concrete floors and the age old complaints of “rising damp” in the middle of the floor.

Acoustic Insulation:

SEMPAFLOOR can be used on all types of floor construction to reduce noise problems. It has excellent acoustic insulation ability and is particularly good for reduction of impact sound. It is particularly useful in houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) and on stair treads for overcoming sound transmission complaints.

SEMPAFLOOR has been tested by two independent authorities and the results show a dramatic reduction in the level of noise.

SEMPAFLOOR is made from latex, with a non woven polyester surface which provides an ideal finish for the application of all types of floor covering including carpet, vinyl, wood panel and tiles. The product is flexible and provides excellent indentation recovery which allows the use of SEMPAFLOOR in the heaviest of traffic areas.

SEMPAFLOOR will not deteriorate or crumble and is very hard wearing and resilient to point loading.

Roll size – 12.5m x 1m
Thickness – 4.5mm
Roll weight - 21kg
Weight m2 – 1.681kg


Sound and Thermal Insulation for Floors

1. SURFACE PREPARATION - ensure floor surface is firm, dry, free from dust, mould, grease and all other contaminants. Screw down loose, squeaking floorboards. Mould contaminated surfaces must be sterilised using RLT BACTDET 05. Dilute at 1:4 with warm water and apply by brush, cloth or sponge to remove mould. Allow surfaces to dry thoroughly.

2. Highly absorbent and/or concrete surfaces will require priming with one coat of SEMPATAP ‘A’ PRIMER. Apply one coat by brush and allow to dry before proceeding.

3. Make good any large gaps, cracks and holes in concrete floors.

4. Uneven timber floors should be boarded out with 5-6mm ply prior to the installation of SEMPAFLOOR. Depending on the degree of unevenness, standard hardboard may suffice.

5. Where SEMPAFLOOR is to be used for acoustic insulation remove all skirtings to allow for upstand of SEMPAFLOOR to skirting height. Cut SEMPAFLOOR to length, allowing appropriate overlap at each end and around the perimeter of the room. For thermal use allow 25mm excess only.

6. Roll-up cut length of SEMPAFLOOR with foam facing out.

7. Apply one coat of SEMPATAP ADHESIVE with SEMPATAP ADHESIVE SPREADER, notched trowel or medium pile roller to an area not more than 5-6 square metres, 1 metre width.

8. Unroll first metre of SEMPAFLOOR (keep remainder rolled-up), and apply foam side to wet adhesive. Smooth out using SEMPATAP SPATULA. Using SEMPATAP SPATULA tuck SEMPAFLOOR into wall/floor junction and/or under skirting.

9. Roll out remainder of SEMPAFLOOR and ensure it is smoothed out using the SEMPATAP SPATULA and firmly positioned.

10. Butt join subsequent lengths of SEMPAFLOOR and continue application until the entire floor is covered.

11. Trim surplus using a sharp-bladed knife (the type of knife with a snap-off blade is ideal). If before the application of the final floor finish there is to be a covering of plywood or similar material, the overlap should be cut away after the application of such materials. Ensure boards are applied cross lined to the direction of SEMPAFLOOR.

12. Cover with chosen floor finish.

Site and application conditions vary widely and, therefore, all application instructions are given in good faith and are based on our experience and knowledge but without liability.



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