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The RLT HALOPHEN is the second and most important part of MGC’s Mould Eradication System. read more
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The RLT HALOPHEN is the second and most important part of MGC’s Mould Eradication System. The product is supplied as a concentrate in 1 litre and 200 mls bottles to be diluted at 1:4 with clean water. Apply the diluted RLT HALOPHEN by brush to the contaminated areas paying particular attention to corners, joins and areas, previously, of heavy infection, extending treatment 1 metre beyond previously contaminated area and allow to dry.
Coverage: 200 mls will treat 10-122m, 1 litre will treat 45-502m, do not exceed stated coverage.

RLT HALOPHEN is approved under COPR 1986 (as amended) by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for both amateur and professional use.
Allow all surfaces to dry, then proceed to decoration stage.
For staining and/or efflorescence use MGC QUICK DRYING STAIN BLOCK.

For instructions on how to apply, see our videos here



This is a 3-stage treatment. All stages must be strictly adhered to.

Stage 1: RLT BACTDET 05 - cleans the surface and kills all visible signs of mould.

Stage 2: RLT HALOPHEN - forms a barrier to prevent mould infection in the fabric re-infecting the surface.

Stage 3: BIOCHECK PAINTS - fungicidal decorative finish and MGC FUNGICIDAL ADDITIVES for incorporation into wallpaper paste.


1. Wash down mould infected surfaces with RLT BACTDET 05 diluted with 4 parts of warm water using a brush, sponge or cloth. Extend treatment one metre in all directions beyond all visible signs of infection. When the solution becomes dirty make up a fresh one. Coverage must not exceed 10 square metres per diluted litre.

To affected carpets, roll back carpet and wash down floor surface with RLT BACTDET 05 solution. Spray the underside of carpets with RLT CLEARMOULD SPRAY and allow to fully dry before re-laying.

WALLPAPERED SURFACES - wash down with RLT BACTDET 05 solution prior to stripping. Bag up wallpaper, seal and remove from the premises immediately. Wash infected area again with a clean solution of RLT BACTDET 05.

This stage is essential as RLT BACTDET 05 will kill all mould spores and prevent them spreading to other areas.


Prepare surfaces in accordance with good trade practice. Scrape off all loose or flaking paint and rub down to a sound surface.

Etch previously gloss painted surfaces with glasspaper to form a key.

All preparation work must be done before the barrier, RLT HALOPHEN, has been applied.


3. Apply by brush 1 coat of RLT HALOPHEN diluted with 4 parts of clean water. Extend the treatment at least one metre beyond the areas of infection in all directions and allow to dry. Coverage must not exceed 10 square metres per diluted litre.

Brush RLT HALOPHEN well in for maximum penetration. Pay special attention to corners and junctions.

In areas of heavy infection apply a second coat and allow to dry before proceeding to Stage 3.

3a. STAINING AND/OR EFFLORESCENCE - Apply by brush one liberal coat of MGC Stain Block to seal the surface and prevent any bleeding through prior to decoration.


4. EMULSION - Apply 2 coats of BIOCHECK Matt or Silk Emulsion by brush or roller at a coverage of approximately 12 square metres per litre per coat. The first coat may be diluted with 10% clean water. It is recommended that Silk is used in kitchens and bathrooms.

WALLPAPER FINISH - add 2 MGC FUNGICIDAL ADDITIVES per 5 litres of paste or size and mix well in. For embossed and lining papers incorporate MGC FUNGICIDAL ADDITIVES into paste, then apply 2 coats of BIOCHECK Matt or Silk Emulsion as above.

GLOSS FINISH - for woodwork, metal windows, etc.

Clean down, as described in Stage (1), to remove any mould contamination. Rub down previously painted surfaces with glasspaper to form a good key.

Apply 2 finishing coats of BIOCHECK WATER BASED GLOSS to all general surfaces. Bare surfaces should be primed with one coat of BIOCHECK WATER BASED GLOSS.


1. It is recommended that when treating external walls, the entire wall(s) is treated, extending back into the room a minimum of one metre on the ceiling and adjacent walls/partitions. This will eliminate the possibility of other isolated areas of the same wall(s) being infected at a later date.

2. The use of woodchip paper is not recommended.


If you require help or assistance with your order including for special colours in Biocheck Matt or Silk Emulsions and Biocheck Allweather please contact our sales office which is open Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

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