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It is essential when addressing the problem of mould and condensation in homes that in addition to killing the mould with MGC Mould Treatments the level of condensation is also reduced.

There is always some moisture in the air, even if you cannot see it. Condensation occurs when warm moist air hits cold surfaces, which causes the air to condense and form droplets of water often resulting in patches of black mould which does not necessarily grow in the same room that the moisture comes from.

It is commonly noticeable on windows on a cold morning. It happens, even when the weather is dry, primarily between the months of October and April and usually caused as a result of normal day to day living.


There are 3 main causes of condensation:

  • Too much moisture in your home.

  • Insufficient ventilation.

  • Cool temperatures.

Everyday activities such as breathing, cooking, washing, drying clothes indoors, using portable gas and paraffin heaters, topping up fish tanks etc all add to the  moisture  already present in the air.

Increase Ventilation

Increasing ventilation will help prevent  moisture laden air from being trapped in your home and condensing on the windows, walls and ceilings.

Actions that can be taken could be as simple as:

  • Opening a window after bathing,  showering  or cooking.

  • If you have trickle vents fitted to your windows, keep them open as much as possible, especially in  inhabited rooms.

  • Move furniture away from walls slightly to allow air to  circulate behind them.

  • It’s better to provide ventilation at the point where moisture is produced if possible.

  • Use extractor fans and cooking hoods to help remove the moisture.

  • Do not block up fans or vents as they are there to enable moisture to escape.

The introduction and proper use of motorised fans will significantly improve problems of condensation particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Modern fans are extremely straight forward to install by a qualified electrician and very inexpensive to run. The benefits of installing and using fans are obvious compared to the damage that is done by excess condensation – to the property – to furnishings – to clothing and to health.