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Thermal/Sound Insulation for Walls and Ceilings


SEMPATAP is thermal insulation on a roll as simple and easy as wallpaper to apply and is the economical solution for resolving condensation problems. It has been specified and successfully used by Local Authorities and Housing Associations throughout the UK and Europe for over 20 years.

Condensation and mould

Condensation and black mould complaints are problems faced by maintenance and housing managers throughout the UK. SEMPATAP is a quick and easy to apply remedy which alleviates condensation problems and makes cold, damp rooms immediately warmer. When applied to wall or ceiling surfaces SEMPATAP dramatically reduces the ‘u’ value – which, in turn, reciprocally raises the room temperature. It provides a surface on which condensation will not form and is excellent for use on cold solid walls, concrete ceilings, cantilever beams, cold bridges, ring beams, etc. Mould in houses, even in a small contamination, is a serious health risk which can result in asthma, upper respiratory diseases and food poisoning. Furthermore, several independent reports confirm that mould spores are detrimental to the well being of adults and children and, as such, are classified as a statutory nuisance.

Sound properties:

SEMPATAP has very good sound absorption properties and is particularly effective in the range of unpleasant high frequencies. SEMPATAP is particularly useful in helping to overcome problems of reverberation and sound transmittance between neighbouring flats or in high and low rise blocks of flats.

Sempatap insulation:

SEMPATAP is made from a natural material – latex – with a durable woven fibre-glass face. It is in an open and closed cellular construction, which allows the substrate to breathe. It is very easy to apply and operatives do not need any special skills or tools – SEMPATAP rolls are 1 metre wide and 12.5 metres long, therefore it is just like wallpaper – you can get 5 drops out of a roll. The adhesive is water-based, therefore there are no nasty smells and work can be undertaken with tenants in situ – it is not necessary to vacate the property. It can be decorated with virtually anything – emulsion, wallpaper, even tiled and redecoration presents no problems – the fibre-glass finish allows the removal of old wallpaper via any method without damage to the SEMPATAP. Using SEMPATAP in conjunction with MGC’s proven mould eradication treatments eliminates black mould problems, dramatically reduces condensation and provides warmer healthier living conditions.

Technical Information:


Thermal Resistance 0.074m² k/w

Roll Size:
1m wide x 12.5m long


Addition of SEMPATAP to the wall modifies its U-value as follows:

Roll weight:18.75 kg

Resistance of untreated wall = 1/2.1 = 0.476

Weight m²:1.5 kg

Resistance with SEMPATAP = 0.476 + 0.074 = 0.550

U-value with SEMPATAP = 1/0.55 = 1.82 W/m²K


Remove any wallpaper and prepare the walls as though you were going to decorate. Apply a liberal coat of SEMPATAP ADHESIVE to the wall using the notched SEMPATAP ADHESIVE SPREADER, brush or roller.

Using SEMPATAP EDGING TAPE to achieve a neat finish on all outward facing corners, window reveals, window heads, etc. locate over the corner of the SEMPATAP and smooth out.

SEMPATAP is applied foam side to the wall. Cut SEMPATAP to required length then roll up with foam side facing out. Apply SEMPATAP to wet adhesive, roll out and smooth with light level hand pressure.

SEMPATAP can be decorated with virtually any finish - wallpaper, emulsion, even tiles



Benefits of SEMPATAP


· Easy and quick to install

· Eliminates mould problems

· Makes rooms warmer immediately

· Stops health risk

· Reduces heat loss - saves money

· Excellent sound absorption

· Reduces condensation

· EST approved energy saving product